We at Hellbent Podcast try not to praise men too much (out of principle), but when a man is truly doing the lord’s work, he deserves a shoutout. Enter CNN anchor Jake Tapper from stage left. Tapper has always had a penchant for really digging at the truth, but this ferocity has reached new levels since Donald Trump was elected President.

When Trump tweeted about “fake news” on February 15, Tapper was having NONE OF IT.

Our boy Jake also didn’t mince any words when it came to the most batshit Trump presser we’ve ever seen, saying it was “unhinged” and “it was an airing of grievances, it was Festivus.”

And now, Tapper is clapping the fuck back at Breitbart News. This “news outlet,” you might recall, is the bigoted website that White House chief strategist and certifiable Nazi Steve Bannon used to run. Breitbart reaaaally tried it:

But Jake was like NOPE.

Naturally, the Internet was HERE. FOR. IT.

And if you thought Jake was done, you would be sorely mistaken.

So Jake — where you lead, we will follow. As long as you’re giving zero fucks, that is.

Yes, indeed.