In episode 5: A Classic Case of Too Many Dickwads, I talked about a story I had heard a few nights before on The Rachel Maddow show about a dickwad named Dimitry Firtash. The story had sparked my interest and made Trump’s ties to Russia seem very, very real. And thus began my obsession with Russia and finding out what the fuck is going on. Sarah’s mom is even on board with my new obsession.

And the more I read and researched, the more I wanted to know. I’m not an investigative journalist, but I play one on this podcast. And, I am stubborn as hell. Even if we never get to the bottom of this dumpster fire, I still want to know everything there is to know that can be accessed by the public. My husband has drawn the line at me actually going to Russia to find out what’s going on. I told him I make no promises.

This is a shockingly accurate depiction of my office right now, right down to the crazed look on my face.

I will update this blog post with links to all of the blogs I do about pieces about the Russian-ties story. Hopefully, we eventually get a grainy image of what might be going on, and, in a perfect world, we find the key that blows the house of cards down. Either way, stay with me and buckle up because shit is going to get real.