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Devon & Sarah discuss the AHCA dumpster fire, how to get the dickwads out in 2018, James Comey, and some fucking female Trump official who doesn’t believe in birth control. They interview Marcus Johnson, a writer and political scientist. The round out the week by awarding the Maxine Waters Award in Badassery.

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Gratitude Check Links

  1. Here Are Some Other Columnists the New York Times Should Hire by Matthew Dessem (Slate)
  2. Bonobos Use the Power of Female Friendship to Overthrow Male Hierarchy by Aimee Knight (Broadly/Vice)
  3. WATCH: Mick Mulvaney’s phone call with the media descends into conference call hell by Taylor Link (Salon)
  4. Wyoming men wear tutus in protest of Senator’s victim-blaming comments by Erin Rook (LGBTQ Nation)
  5. Georgia 2018: Abrams files paperwork to run for governor by Greg Bluestein (AJC Politics Blog)

Maxine Waters Update & The Maxine Waters Award in Badassery

Action Items

  1. California Cavalry
  2. A Singing Cowboy, A Millionaire And Rifles Dominate Montana Special Election Morning Edition (NPR)
  3. Rob Quist for Congress
  4. Poll: Democrat still leads in tight race in Georgia by David Weigel (WaPo)
  5. Jon Ossoff for Congress
  6. Archie Parnell Wins Democratic Primary In Race To Flip South Carolina District by Daniel Marans (HuffPo)
  7. Archie Parnell for Congress

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