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Episode 60: Normalizing the Trump Administration Isn’t Cute

Devon and Sarah discuss big data’s role in the Russian interference in the 2016 election, and how that is possibly starting to connect back to the Trump campaign. They also talk about the cult of normalization and why Sean Spicer at the Emmys is more than just not funny – it’s dangerous. They also bestow the Dickwad of the Week to King Dickwad himself. It’s been that kind of week.


Episode 47: Holy Healthcare, Batman!

Devon and Sarah discuss the Democratic party’s betrayal of their female base, who the real heroes in this healthcare battle are, and Trump’s violent rhetoric at a police rally. They also give the Donald Trump Dishonor in Dickwaddery to a man who feeds into violence against transwomen.


Episode 46: Maverick, My Ass f/ Stacey Abrams

Devon and Sarah sit down with gubernatorial candidate & Georgia House Rep. and Stacey Abrams about the future of the Democratic party, romance novels, and Star Trek. (You do NOT want to miss this interview).

They also discuss healthcare (duh), Trump’s attempt to ban transgender service members from the military, Trump’s ridiculous speech in front of the Boy Scouts of America, and why McCain is certainly not a maverick. (Though we here at Hellbent HQ do wish him well and hope his treatments are successful.)

They award the Maxine Waters Award in Badassery.


Episode 45: Backwards, and in Motherfucking Heels

Devon and Sarah reunite in spirit after a long week apart. While still a long-distance episode, they discuss healthcare, Russia and how ridiculous our newscycle has become. Devon geeks out on San Diego Comic Con 2017. They award the Donald Trump Dishonor in Dickwaddery to someone who is TOTALLY NOT A RACIST ASSHOLE*!!!

*Spoiler alert: he is totally a racist asshole.