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Episode 9: Dickwads Be Gone

Devon and Sarah discuss listener feedback, merch, how everyone on the fucking planet hates the GOP health care proposal, and a few notable dickwads from the past few days. They also award the Maxine Waters Award in Badassery to two very deserving women and one shark.


Episode 7: Repackaging Autocracy Does NOT Make it Democracy

Devon and Sarah discuss personal growth, a new lineup of Russia-connected dickwads, the danger of Trump’s Russian ties in general, and why praising Trump’s tone at the Joint Session address is fucking bullshit. They also award the Maxine Waters Award in Badassery and have some exciting news about everyone’s favorite congresswoman.


Episode 4: Some Douchebag on That Other Douchebag’s Show

Devon and Sarah discuss Jake Tapper, sanctuary cities, Mar-a-Lago (BECAUSE THIS IS WHERE OUR LIVES ARE), why psychoanalyzing the president is NOT helpful, and a couple of douche bags jerking each other off. They also introduce their brand new award: The Donald Trump Dishonor of Deep Shame and its first recipient.

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