Hellbent Media a feminist media company specializing in intersectional feminist content.

The Team

Devon Handy

Devon Handy

Co-Founder, Executive Producer

Devon is originally from the midwest, but has lived in California for most of her life. She graduated from UC Davis with a B.A. in Women and Gender Studies in 2010 and has lived in Los Angeles ever since. Before jumping into politics, she worked as website designer and developer. She is mom to one son, 2 pitbulls, and 2 grumpy ass cats. She proudly describes herself as a feminist bitch. You can follow her on Twitter @DevonHandy, where she makes a lot of bad jokes. In her copious amounts of free time (lololol), she likes to read comic books, cosplay at geeky conventions, and crochet.

Varsha Venkatasubramanian

Varsha Venkatasubramanian

Producer & Co-Host, Hellbent Podcast

Varsha, 23 and a Gemini, was born in India, but in 2017 she became an American citizen after 19 years. She’s lived in California since 2004, and only misses the cold of the east coast on very rare occasions. She’s currently pursuing a Ph.D. in history at the University of California, Berkeley. Before working as a research assistant on Hellbent, she worked in sales, fundraising, and on a couple political campaigns. If she’s not reading for class or checking the latest news about our fragile republic, Varsha enjoys finding as many red lipsticks as she possibly can. She is rarely seen in the wild without winged eyeliner. You can follow her on twitter at @_varsha_venkat, where her tweets always make you laugh and question the patriarchy.

About Our Shows

Hellbent Podcast

Hellbent Podcast is a feminist political podcast for those who resist and persist. Originally conceived by childhood friends Devon Handy and Sarah Lerner, Hellbent works to analyze news and public policy with an intersectional feminist lens. They also work to elevate the voices of women and people of color to create a space where marginalized can have an opportunity to be part of the political conversation.

Crush the Midterms

The Crush the Midterms podcast will focus on explaining the action behind campaigns and what individuals can do to ensure we elect Democrats in the 2018 midterm election.

Candid(ate): Real Conversations with Women Running for Office

Candid(ate): Real Conversations With Women Running for Office is a limited run, 10-episode series focusing on interviewing Emily’s List-backed female candidates running in the 2018 midterm elections. We want to get their voices out and tell their stories of why they are running, what they want to change and how they are going to reshape the political landscape.