Sea Change f/ Emily Cain

For our final episode, Devon sits down with EMILY's List executive director Emily Cain to discuss this historic midterm election cycle, and where we are all headed next.

Crush the Midterms


Election Day PEP RALLY!

For their final episode, Devon and Marisa discuss how to take good care of yourself on election, how they've personally crushed the midterms, and they invited some friends and colleagues to share how they have crushed the midterms this cycle. It's an inspiring pep rally for you to use as a sound track to casting your ballot on this historic day.

Hellbent Podcast


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And then, there were three

I am overjoyed to announce that Hellbent Media has teamed up with Crush the Midterms and Emily’s List to bring you 2 new shows. Each will be a limited-run, 10 episode series released every Tuesday until election day, November 6, 2018.

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Varsha and I talked a lot about fear today. It was the thematic element that all of the stories we...

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