Episode 144: Make Courts Sexy Again f/ Daniella Gibbs Léger

Devon and Varsha discuss DeVos’ attempt to narrow the definition of sexual harassment on college campuses, ICE seizing passports of American citizens that just happen to be not white, and what the hell evangelicals are doing supporting a non-Christian like Trump (hint: it has to do with judicial nominations.) Devon interviews Daniella Gibbs Léger


Episode 142: Toxic Masculinity f/ Daniela Contreras

Devon and Varsha discuss toxic masculinity in 3 parts: Manafort and Cohen’s crimes and Trump’s mob boss mentality, the strength of the Me Too movement as a whole and why men want to take it down so badly, and how making the death of a young white woman about immigrant status instead of male violence keeps toxic masculinity in power.

Devon also sits down with Daniela Contreras, a DREAMer and spokeswoman for the Me Too and Time’s Up movements with the National Domestic Worker’s Alliance. They discuss fear, immgration status and sexual harrasment in domestic work spaces.


Episode 138: Democracy is a Contact Sport f/ Tina Vasquez

Devon and Varsha discuss corruption in congress, the press’ role in a free democracy and more immigration bullshit. They also cover a few horrific stories of abuse of children being held in ORR facilities after being forcibly separated from their parents.

Devon also sits down with Rewire.News reporter Tina Vasquez for a more in-depth look at the rampant abuse and deaths of those in ICE custody.


Episode 134: Exculpatory f/ Renato Mariotti

Listen on: iTunes | Google Play | Spotify | Acast | Stitcher | Pocket Cast | Overcast | PodBean | Soundcloud | audioBoom Devon sits down with Renato Mariotti, former federal prosecutor and current CNN analyst. They discuss the...